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As a donor you may determine which charities and/or other organization you wish to to support; all or perhaps only specific ones.You may request to have a donation made to charity, or other organization, that is not presently included on our list of charities.  For a list of the current charities, view the Charities page. You may also require a signed release of liability, a copy of their 501c(3) and 509 forms [509(a)1, 509(a)2, or 509(a)3], or a written subscribed not-for-profit statement stating what they do. Should you require it, a signed receipt indicating the amount, and/or value of each donation may be provided to you. Please note that some charities state the weight, and do not indicate a value. An arangement with them, to also  indicate a value, might be possible.

In some cases, with a donor's permission, it might be possible to pair up a regular donation of a small amout of food with nearby charities, or needy family/families. Please understand that it is up to the charities to determine if donations meet their and/or government required standards.

When a donation is not picked up, donors may call us to see if we can assist them in getting it to the charity. If after our trying to contact the charity, we determine it is unreachable or not able to accept that day's donation, we can try to distribute it to other charities. In some cases this might also depend upon what is being donated.

Our list of  Donor Sponsors is at is operating as a not-for-profit service to charities.  We can partner with a 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) Charity.
Please note that not all nonprofit 501c groups are charities. C Web Resource - Qualifying for Public Charity Status. The (00167455).PDF
The above information about qualifying as a charity is being provided here as a public service. For actual determinations, definitions, and charity status of an organization, please seek the appropriate services of a qualified attorney.

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